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Aussie Block Retaining Wall - Bondi Blend

Aussie Block

The Aussie Block are sturdy durable blocks suitable for vertical retaining walls, straight or curved retaining walls or garden edging, steps and more.
Tradies Choice
Backyard Block - Charcoal

Backyard Block

Our APC Exclusive Backyard Block is easy to use, low maintenance and requires no mortar so you can easily take on this DIY project yourself.
Cement Sleepers - Cove

Cement Sleepers

Cement Sleepers are perfect to use for vertical boundary or retainer walls. Visit us instore for more information on this product.
$12.95 each
Coloured Easy Lock Block - DIY Wall Blocks - Mist Exposed

Coloured Easy Lock Block

Our APC Exclusive Coloured Easy Lock Block is designed to make your retaining wall project a breeze. Build a retaining wall with these lightweight blocks.
Concrete Sleepers

Concrete Sleepers

Looking to buy Concrete Sleepers at the best prices? The steel reinforced and structurally strong Sleepers are available in a range of colours and sizes.
Coloured Easy Lock Block - DIY Wall Blocks - Mist Exposed

DIY Wall Block

Our APC Exclusive DIY Wall Block is designed to make your retaining wall project a breeze. Build a retaining wall with these lightweight blocks.
Easy Wall Block Charcoal Steps | Southern Earth Landscaping

Easy Wall Block

Easy Wall Block brings modern aesthetics and functionality to any outdoor space. Great for building DIY retaining walls, garden walls, fire pits, and more.
Freestone Block Retaining Wall | Mist Smooth

Freestone Block

Our APC Exclusive Freestone Exposed Finish Blocks glisten in the light adding a subtle elegance to your home as they are made from 40% recycled glass
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Garden Stone Blocks Sandstone - Garden Edging

Garden Stone

Enhance your outdoor area with our APC Exclusive Garden Stone blocks. They are light and easy to handle, making them great for DIY landscaping projects.
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Grey Easy Lock Block | Retaining Wall

Grey Easy Lock Block

Our APC Exclusive Grey Easy Lock Block is an interlocking system allowing easy stacking, ensuring a quick and easy construction and great for DIY.
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Heathstone Block Wall and Steps


Our Heathstone Retaining Wall Blocks are versatile and stylish. These blocks feature a framed splitface finish, perfect for creating corners, steps and straight walls.
Heathstone Block Wall and Steps


Our Heathstone Retaining Wall Blocks are versatile and stylish. These blocks feature a framed splitface finish, perfect for creating corners, steps and straight walls.
Junior Block - Oatmeal

Junior Block

The small block face of the Junior Block makes this product ideal for constructing your own retaining walls, building garden walls and planter boxes.
Limestone Block Natural Water Feature Block | Natural Quarry Cut Large Block

Limestone Block Natural

Natural Limestone Blocks | At APC we have strong, low maintenance and easy to install blocks, making them great for DIY projects.
Limestone Block Reconstituted Feature Wall Block

Limestone Block Reconstituted

Limestone Block Reconstituted is made from cement & crushed limestone, which gives a natural rustic look that will add character to your home
Duostone Retaining Wall

Natural Impressions® Duostone

Duostone is a multi piece retaining wall system which has five block sizes that when used together creates a random, natural looking wall. 

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FAQ about Retaining Wall Blocks

The best blocks for a retaining wall are interlocking concrete blocks, which are designed to fit together easily and securely without the need for mortar. They are strong and durable and can be used to create a variety of shapes and heights. Additionally, they can be filled with gravel to provide additional strength and stability. Read about how to choose your retaining wall here.

Retaining walls can be a great DIY project. Depending on the size and design of your retaining wall, they can be built yourself. At APC, we have a range of DIY friendly retaining wall products. We recommend concrete retaining wall blocks which are interlocking and the weight of blocks are easier to handle. Proper preparation is key and it’s important to take your time when building your wall. Before starting your project, we recommend speaking with one of our expert staff who can help talk your through your project.

Retaining walls are better than concrete sleepers for a few reasons. Firstly, retaining wall blocks are available in various shapes, sizes, colours and textures, allowing for more design possibilities than concrete sleepers. Blocks have an easier installation process than sleepers and only require one person to handle and install them, making the job easier. While sleepers are difficult, heavy to move, and need multiple people to handle and install them. Blocks also cost less than sleepers, so they are a more affordable option for many homeowners. Read our blog post for more information on why retaining wall blocks are better than concrete sleepers.

Retaining walls under 800mm may not require a structural engineer. Retaining walls that are over 1m may require a structural engineer, depending on location and the type of soil it needs to retain.

Absolutely! Retaining walls can add value to a home in a variety of ways. The most obvious benefit is increasing the usable outdoor space of a home by creating a flat, level area for seating, gardening, entertaining and more. Improving your home exterior can also potentially increase your home’s overall value. Read our blog post for ideas on transforming your backyard with retaining wall blocks.

You will need a retaining wall block product that is used for curved walls. Some retaining wall blocks are used for straight walls and can’t be used for fire pits. At APC, we have a specific range of retaining wall blocks for curved walls which you can view here. You can also view our DIY Fire Pit guide here.

Australian Paving Centre is your one stop shop for all your retaining wall block needs. We have the largest range of block options in Adelaide and South Australia and knowledgeable staff who can help you choose the right block for your project.

Yes. If there is no drainage behind your retaining wall, the safety and structure of your wall will be compromised. This is due to water being retained behind the wall and adding force and pressure against the wall. It is important to include adequate draining when building a retaining wall.

We have the best retaining walls range in Adelaide to choose from. Visit your local APC store near you to view our amazing retaining wall displays. For those who are handy, we have a huge range of DIY Retaining wall information to help you through every step of building your retaining wall. Alternatively, we have preferred licensed retaining wall builders to quote for any retaining wall installation.

To give you an indication of the breakdown of costs, if a retaining wall project was to cost $5,000, the product materials will cost about $1,666 or about 33% of the total job or quote. In addition, the breakdown of the labour for this $5,000 project would cost about the same as the product materials which is another $1,666 or about 33% of the total job. The balance of these costs of about 33% are made up of sand and rubble, dump fees, earthworks and other miscellaneous costs.

Versawall® blocks have a premium rock face finish and stack seamlessly making them perfect for DIY segmental retaining walls, garden walls and edges.

Versasmooth™ blocks provide a smooth face finish option.

APC Has you covered for Retaining Wall Blocks in Gawler

At AAustralian Paving Centre Gawler – Roseworthy we have a wide range of retaining wall blocks and retaining walls in Gawler. A retaining wall has a lot of different features and benefits however, its main purpose is to hold or retain soil..

Retaining walls in landscaped gardens add visual appeal or are used for a sloped block, create levels or terraced blocks or for general garden beds and edging. They are also used along boundaries and we have a range of retaining wall blocks that are perfect for the DIYer.

Our retaining walls are both practical and visually appealing, so the right choice of retaining wall blocks not only add value to your home but you can create stunning hardscapes around your home.
We have a wide range of retaining wall products that are suitable for any budget and project around your home including near vertical walls, set back walls, terraced walls, curved walls, create various heights and lengths and create steps. We also have a range of concrete sleepers and cement sleepers or if you’re looking for a product that’s easier to handle, our DIY friendly retaining wall blocks are your perfect choice.

Australian Paving Centre Gawler – Roseworthy specialises in retaining wall supplies for residential retaining wall or commercial retaining wall projects. With many years experience in the landscaping industry, we provide the perfect retaining and garden walling solutions for your backyard.

We have a wide range of retaining wall products available that you can select from including; retaining wall blocks, concrete sleepers, freestone block, limestone block, concrete retaining wall blocks and besser blocks available in textured or smooth block finishes.
Our team can also expertly recommend designs and ideas for your retaining wall and provide suitable products for your needs.

Australian Paving Centre Gawler – Roseworthy is your source for Retaining Wall Blocks in Gawler. Australian Paving Centre Gawler – Roseworthy services the Adelaide northern suburbs region including Gawler, Gawler Belt, Gawler River, Gawler South, Hewett & Willaston.