Breeze blocks bring a modern architectural design to your home. These concrete blocks have been cut in such a way that when stacked together, they create an eye-catching picturesque pattern.

Browse through our stunning designs as we provide you with endless possibilities of how you can add breeze blocks to your home.

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Key Benefits

Apart from its contemporary feature, breeze blocks provide more advantages.

Modern Colours

Breeze blocks became known for their unique design back in the ‘60s. However, with them back en vogue – you’ll notice how hotels, restaurants, and bars are now gracing their facades with these trendy blocks.

Easy to Lay

Using the right tools and materials, you can undertake your project and create a stunning facade in no time. The masonry blocks are easy to lay, hence a favourite among homeowners.

Quality Textured Finish

The masonry blocks have an excellent quality textured finish that adds a great look to your home.

Secure and Durable

Australian Paving Centre not only cares about the beautifying your home, but we also aim to provide you with durable masonry blocks. These breeze blocks are durable that can adequately hold their weight even when stacked high.

Best Decorative Applications

Because of the masonry blocks’ appealing styles, they are best used as decorations. The most common applications include:

  • Feature Walls
  • Screen Walls
  • Fences
  • Garden and courtyard partition walls
  • Residential houses

Breeze Blocks Installation

Installing breeze blocks are easy if you have the right tools and materials. While our swatches provide a good indication of the blocks’ colour, we recommend to always sight product samples before purchasing.

Achieve a Distinctive Decor for Your Interiors

Breeze blocks can be combined with other structural masonry units to achieve distinctive decor. Here at Australian Paving Centre, we’ll provide you with endless possibilities of how you can add breeze blocks to your home.