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At APC our local store will arrange a FREE sample of the product you are interested in. Please complete the form below in full & we will arrange this product to be delivered to your doorstep! Details should include PRODUCT TYPE & COLOUR. Where you can provide a link to the product this would be most helpful. Alternatively we can contact you once you complete the request & to clarify exactly the sample you require. At APC we have a “can do attitude” and we are here to help!

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Thank you for your request of free samples of pavers!

Our promise to serve our customers with standard quality, strength and durability will remain forever. With choosing the option of getting free paver samples in Gawler, we hope we have met your expectations. And positively, you return back to place more orders with us. You can even get ideas and make paving easier with the samples of retaining wall design and paver patterns.

Also check out our specials and ask for a FREE sample at https://apcgawler.com.au/product-category/specials-seconds/specials/.

Find the nearest store at Gawler and receive a quicker delivery at your door. If you would like one of our preferred contractors to bring the FREE sample to you simply visit https://apcgawler.com.au/get-a-quote/ and surely include the details of the FREE sample you require in the “Message”.

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