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By sonny |

Pavers have been the best and most popular masonry material choice over the years. They give stability to a structure and add a characteristic decorative element to the surroundings. May it be a walkway, driveway, retaining wall, patio, or pool surrounds; pavers fit perfectly in every surrounding making it tough, strong, and long lasting.

Although paving blocks are highly strong and durable, they are bound to the effects of certain day-to-day activities. A driveway might get stained with oils, dirt, and grime over the years, a walkway and any other kind of paving might lose its lustre over time, and a pool surrounds might appear dull and grungy with repeated water spills on it.

Accumulation of dirt, grime, oils, mud, snow, salts, etc. on pavement leads to create a dull, unclean, and old feel. Normal wear and tear as well as occasional staining tend to ruin the original look of your paving.

Here are a few tips for cleaning your pavers:

  • Wash your paving stones or blocks regularly with the help of a garden hose with a spray attachment
  • Use a pressure washer to remove stubborn dirt accumulated over the pavers
  • While using any new cleaning product in the market, ensure you test a random spot before using it – some types of pavers might get damaged by certain chemicals
  • Allow a typical cleaning agent to set on pavers for 4 to 5 minutes
  • Use a paint roller, brush, or broom to apply the cleaner to your pavers
  • Then use a different stiff scrub brush or broom, or simply a pressure cleaner to finally wash your pavement

If cleaned routinely and repaired quickly whenever needed, pavers can give you the best appearance for the lifetime!